A helpful advantage to the anesthetists is that with a stop-bite collar in place, a cat or small dog is easily and safely restrained for pre-medication injections or a catheter placement.  The collar can remain in place until induction if necessary and removed once the patient has been intubated.  

Sharon Johnston, LVT, VTS (Anesthesia)
Academy of Veterinary Technician Anesthetists
Past-President, Webmaster    

 We use a variety of methods to prevent pets from reaching wounds and surgical sites. The StopBite collar is a unique and well designed collar that provides a useful alternative to traditional E-Collars and other devices.  The StopBite collar is a very valuable tool in controlling a pet's ability to reach an injury, especially with other methods have failed.  It also is very comfortable for the pet and much less cumbersome for the owner.

- Kurt M. Miller, D.V.M.  Owner, Winnetka Animal Hospital    

 “Our practice has been using the Stopbite Protective Pet Collar for the past year. We love them, and our clients love them! Last year, one of our patients, a beautiful 170lb Bull Mastiff needed a collar. We happened to be out of stock on the large Stopbite collar that day. So we used what other protective collars we had on hand. Three to be exact! Nothing was working on this beautiful large dog. I called Jen, and she was able to get us a large Stopbite that day.

We put it on, and it worked great! Your collar is a wonderful product!

- “Animal Clinic of Romeoville, IL    

 I am happy to report that we are having great success with the stop bite collars.  As I write this Logan, a service dog in training is laying quietly beside me not CHEWING or LICKING his wound. The vet sent him home with the traditional e-collar and as we all know he was a walking mess- bumping into walls, couches and of course us! We immediately put the STOP BITE Collar on him and he has been content ever since. Thank you for sharing your wonderful product with us!!!

Megan Cloudman
New Horizons Service Dogs    

 Our 7 month old hyperactive Border Collie, removed some stitches overnight following her spay operation. We returned to the vet and had them redone, she was so traumatised when the Elizabethan cone collar was placed on her she wouldn't move, eat or drink for hours. We couldn't cope with her anguish and sourced another option, the Stopbite Collar was recommended by a pet lover, and we gave it a go. It was great, lightweight and easy to fit, didn't obscure her vision and allowed normal movement while preventing access to the wound site, excellent - no more cones for us :)

- Sue, Auckland, New Zealand    

 Shelby had a dermatitis problem on her back which would not heal , due mainly to her constantly scratching and biting the sore. We bought the Stopbite collar which stopped her being able to scratch or bite the sore. It was great she could move around, run and play like a normal dog – it was definitely better and more comfortable than the old lamp shade around the neck solution.

- Steve, Auckland, New Zealand 


"Finally there is an alternative to the obtrusive cone that my dog used to wear to keep him from licking sensitive skin irritations that occasionally develop after close groomings or romps in nature.  The Stop Bite collar is so much more comfortable for my dog and doesn't disorient him the way the cone does.  The developer of this product is completely dedicated to accommodating pet owners and demonstrated a graciousness of spirit to me that I will always remember.  The professionalism, innovation and commitment shown to me by this company is refreshing and inspiring.  I have become a fan of the Stop Bite collar and look forward to sharing my positive experiences with as many pet owners as I can.  This is a fantastic product that fulfills a need that pet owners have had for years.  Congratulations on a job well done!!!"

- Laura Good

   We used StopBite™ for our two-year-old Havanese, who needed to be spayed.  We wanted to ensure that she heal quickly, without incident and with minimal trauma.  This collar was the answer to our prayers.  She could eat, drink, and sleep while wearing the collar, and yet she could not get to the incision.

- Cyndi C.   


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  This product is the absolute best.

My 76 lb standard goldendoodle had surgery which resulted in sutures on her head and her side.  The standard "lampshade" collar was prohibiting her from sleeping comfortably as well as drinking or eating.  She would constantly whimper whenever it was on her.  Upon taking it off, she would instantly try to scratch and lick the sutures so I had to keep it on as much as possible.  She was depressed, lacking sleep and refused to eat or go to the bathroom if the plastic collar was on her.

It was going to be a long two weeks until I found the StopBite collar.  Within minutes of putting the StopBite on her, she was trying to play!  She promptly ate, drank, went for several walks and took a much needed nap - all while wearing the collar.  I never needed to remove it and she doesn't seem to mind it being on.  It prohibits her from licking her side wound and she hasn't been able to scratch her head due to the buckles being in the way.  This is a product that was long overdue.  I have already told several people in the short hours that we have had it.


- Lisa Gruchot

   Everyone should have a StopBite in their pet’s emergency medical kit.

When my dog began chewing the base of her tail, I tried bandaging the spot, but she was driving me nuts chewing at the bandage until it repeatedly fell off. I put the traditional cone collar on her, and while she could not bite at the spot, she was unbelievably miserable. I was so sad to see her just lying there unwilling to move for hours at a time. Upon hearing my story, a dear friend loaned me her StopBite Collar. It was surprisingly simple to put on. The minute I clipped it on my dog, she was back to her normal activity level and happy mood, and I was at peace. One wonderful collar and two happy beings. Wow! What a difference the right protective collar makes. Those awful old-fashioned torturous cones should all be destroyed and recycled. We can go for walks in the StopBite and it even has safety reflectors on it. It is more than anyone or any dog could ask for, and is beyond absolutely perfect!

- J. S.    

 The StopBite collar allows Jax the freedom to chew on his Nyla-Bone and play with his favorite squeaky toys. 

Hi Nancy,

I am writing to tell you about my experience with my dog guide Jax and the StopBite collar.

As you know, he has a condition called a prolapsed urethra which has caused him to have 3 surgeries and several other procedures since December 14, 2010.  I am happy to report that since his most recent surgery on January 24, he has had no recurrence or bleeding.  I have my fingers crossed that all will be well with him. 

Jax had a post-op check-up the other day, and the vets at the Animal Medical Center are happy with his progress.  I brought the StopBite collar that you so generously sent to me, and asked them to please check it to determine if they thought Jax would be able to reach his surgical site.  They reported back that it appears he cannot reach the site, which is a great relief to me since he wears it while I am at work and school, and very often at home.  The StopBite collar allows him to play with his favorite toys, chew his Nyla-bone and sit on my lap comfortably … It enhances his quality of life, as well as mine.

Today,Jax refused to get into the Elizabethan collar, but allowed me to put on his StopBite collar without hesitation.    It appears that Jax will have to wear a  collar for an extended period of time in order to ensure his surgical site  has ample time to heal.  Because of your generosity, I can bring Jax everywhere I need to go without sacrificing his comfort or my safety.  Thank you again!


Christina Buckley and Jax     


Just fyi, to close the loop, the package arrived on Saturday morning, Feb. 5.  Barrett has worn your Stop-Bite collar since that day with great success.  It was so easy to put on him and has never bothered him like his initial large plastic E-collar.  He seemed so happy to be able to use his doggie door again!

I have attached photos in case you are interested or want to add some to your website or whatever.  We took him on our boat the Sunday before Valentine’s Day (weather had warmed up and was beautiful!), thus the reason for the title of the pics.

His wounds are finally healed over, got final staples removed from his side last week and now not even a scab remains.  Even though your collar prevented him from bothering the wound, it turns out he may always have an indentation of 2-3 inches where the new skin tissue regenerated; I’m sure if he had been able to get at the wound we would still be on the treatment/dressing merry-go-round with more possibilities of infection, additional vet bills, etc.  or us being very frustrated due to cleaning up after his elimination accidents in the house because we could not be at home to let him out all day with him wearing an E-collar.  We have been assured that once some of his hair grows back over that area most scarring shouldn’t be very visible (although, sadly, some follicles have been damaged to the point of not being able to generate new hair growth).  When we pet him we will feel the scar and be reminded of his bravery in this whole ordeal and how your Collar helped make things easier for all J.  We plan on keeping the Collar in his supply cabinet, just in case it comes in handy in the future, for him or a friend’s pet.

I’m sure your Collars will help many other dogs in similar circumstances.

Take care & thanks again,

Michelle Gillitzer     

Dear Nancy

I am sending you this email to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating StopBite collar. It saved me and my puppy enormous amount of stress!

My puppy Bruno got neutered last Saturday and as usual they've put a cone on his neck so he cannot get to his wound. It drove him ABSOLUTELY crazy. The more he stressed out, the more I did!

I felt so guilty to put him through this but it was necessary so that he does not get any complications.... Anyway, I spare you all the details, we went again to the Vet to find another solution because I was afraid he might harm himself while trying to rip that cone off! We tried the inflatable "donut", he took it off in a minute! Another one was a "tent-like" thing that was also terrible. You could see how agitated he was until they tried the StopBite collar on. He stopped fussing and he returned to being his usual happy self! I was so relieved, it is beyond words!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your product is so incredible and so pet friendly (as well as pet owner friendly:)...). I hope it will replace completely that horrible lamp shade and minimize stress to pets and owners who are already going through the stress of a surgery .

I wish you all the best and again thank you.

Randa Haffar 

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