Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are some of the more frequently asked questions about the StopBite™ products.  If you have additional questions about the StopBite™ pet collar, how it helps, how it works or how to order, please feel free to contact us via email.   


Why would I use Stopbite and not the E collar?
Stopbite allows your pet to not only have peripheral vision but also allows them to eat, sleep, play and smell whereas the e-collar restricts them from doing all of these.

When putting the collar on my pet, how tight should I make it?
DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE COLLAR. Tighten the collar so that it allows approximately one finger width of space between your pet’s neck and the collar. Do not choke your pet.  Remember to always check with your Veterinarian before you use the collar.

Do I need to use both the Velcro and the buckles when securing the collar?
Yes:  Both the Velcro and buckles reduce the risk of your pet removing the collar.

What is the purpose of the extra strap?
The purpose of the extra strap is for extra security so your pet will not be able to get the collar off.
By using the strap properly, your pet will be unable to remove the collar.

How does the strap work?
The strap works by taking it over the right shoulder of your pet, bringing it down around
underneath your pet’s belly and up around the left shoulder in order to buckle together on top.

Why are there holes in the middle of the collar?
There are holes in the middle of the collar to allow your pet’s skin and fur to breath.

What is the hook for on top of the collar?
To allow you easy access for hooking your leash on to your pet without
having to fuss with your dog/cat’s own personal collar.